Down Home​ Dog Training, LLC​​

Let Down Home Dog Training, LLC be the new chapter in a lifetime of love and loyalty.
The Down Home Dog Training, LLC Difference
Down Home Dog Training, LLC uses a relationship-based approach to enhance and elevate the bond between dogs and their human companions. Our approach focuses on understanding why dogs exhibit specific behaviors and how strengthening the relationship and improving communication between human and dog can create a healthy, happy, and lifelong partnership. Our training methods help build confidence in dogs and trust in the human handler, which elevates the bond between dog and owner. We focus on what the dogs SHOULD do, vs. what they SHOULD NOT do. Our relationship-based training teaches dogs to focus on their handler, rather than on the varying distractions within their environment. We strive to create curriculums that help prepare dogs and their handlers for real-world scenarios and experiences.
Various options to fit YOUR needs.
Whether you are looking for a set schedule, a flexible schedule, or a mixture of the two - we have the programs for you!
  1. Group Classes
    Group Classes are an excellent opportunity to form and strengthen foundation skills around various distractions, in a variety of environments.
  2. Private Training Packages
    Whether you need a more flexible schedule, or your dog or pup just isn't quite ready for learning within a group - our Private Training Packages are for you!
  3. Combination Packages
    A mixture of private training sessions, and group class sessions, these packages offer a wide variety of flexible opportunities for a multitude of needs.
  1. Professional.
    As a member of multiple professional organizations, you can feel comfortable ad confident choosing Down Home Dog Training, LLC for your dog training needs. We aren't your typical "run-of-the-mill" training company. We have spent years expanding our education, upgrading our services, and revamping our one-of-a-kind programs.
  2. Personal.
    At Down Home Dog Training, LLC, you aren't just a "name in the book". Each and every dog is viewed individually. No two dogs are the same, and no two dogs will learn exactly the same way. That's why, we strive to provide exemplary customer service to help provide you with the recipes for success.
  3. Passionate.
    Providing affordable training for the Northwest Pennsylvania area isn't all that Down Home Dog Training, LLC is know for. We also donate hundreds of training packages each year to dogs in need. We feel that ALL dogs deserve the chance to receive a positive education.
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